Antonio and Elda Delgado are ready to serve up an enticing dish of paella.
Taste authentic Spanish paella
By John Gregory

Paella is a simple dish. It's an old dish, but it remains popular, especially in San Diego. Now, Antonio and Elda Delgado have brought a truly authentic version of paella to the Scripps Ranch Farmer's Market.

The couple, calling their business Viva Paella, prepares their specialty at a commercial restaurant, then transports it to the Farmer's Market and cooks it in a very large, bowl-shaped apparatus on-site at their booth, so it's very fresh. The aroma is enticing and the warming paella, with all its natural ingredients, looks delicious.

Paella is the most typical dish in Spain, Antonio said. It is a very balanced meal because it contains carbohydrates, proteins and the good fats such as olive oil. The main ingredient, of course, is rice. The special spice is saffron. There are other natural ingredients, and the recipe seems simple, but it's so inviting.

Viva Paella offers an authentic, healthy and delectable version of paella at the Scripps Ranch Farmer's Market. (photos by John Gregory)

"It is a delicious dish and also it is a very well-balanced Mediterranean dish. So, it's very healthy," Antonio said.

"This dish has become very famous all over the world … but actually it is a 300-year-old dish that started in Valencia," said Antonio, who hails from Spain. "This recipe is more simple than many. Today, it is very common to have some kind of fish, like shrimp or clams or mussels. But the original paella only has rabbit or chicken."

Last week, Viva Paella's offering included chicken and pork rib meat.

Viva Paella also provides catering. Contact Viva Paella by email at, or call (619) 370-2525 or (619) 370-6264.

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