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Lake Miramar (photo by John Gregory)

About us

Scripps Ranch News is the free community newspaper, website and social media network for the community of Scripps Ranch in San Diego, California.

The Scripps Ranch News printed newspaper is published each month and distributed by direct mail to every home in Scripps Ranch.

Scripps Ranch News is an independently owned community news media outlet providing objective news reporting for the community’s residents.

All Scripps Ranch, all the time

This is a modern, online news source emphasizing hyper-local coverage of the Scripps Ranch community.

Send news and photos

Scripps Ranch News gladly accepts photos, videos and information from its readers. We accept news and news tips, news photos and digital video.

When sending photos, please be sure to include at least a couple of sentences describing the activity. Photos for the newspaper must be high-resolution, at least 300 dpi.

Videos must be no more than 2 minutes in length.

When sending news, please be sure the content is true and accurate, and that names are spelled correctly. Please include first and last names of those in your news contribution.

Whether sending a photo, video, an item for the community calendar or write-up about an event involving Scripps Ranch residents, be sure to include your name and phone number. We want to give you credit for your contribution, and we may have further questions for you. Send your news, news tips, photos and videos to john@scrippsranchnews.com.


Scripps Ranch News is a local, family-owned, independent news organization. It is not affiliated with any political party or activist group. Scripps Ranch News strives to provide objective journalism and highlight local people and events. It is a hyper-local publication encouraging residents to support area merchants and help keep both the local economy and the local environment strong and healthy. It supports local schools and the maintenance of the Scripps Ranch lifestyle, a way of life that is safe, family friendly, a great place to raise kids and a place to enjoy all the freedoms and liberties of an American neighborhood.

Scripps Ranch News is intended to be inclusive, to include all residents of Scripps Ranch.

About the publishers

Scripps Ranch News is a family-owned business with longtime roots in the Scripps Ranch community dating back to 1988.

The publishers are open and available to communicate with the public. Feel free to contact them if you want them to speak to your club or organization.


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