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Being prepared


Being prepared

We have talked a lot about being prepared, i.e.; defensible space, ember protection, evacuation planning, etc. Here are other items to take into consideration that aren’t always thought of for advanced preparation:

  • Update your homeowner’s insurance
  • Create a home inventory
  • Test your smoke alarms and change batteries
  • Check expiration dates on you fire extinguishers
  • Shake and pre-position your fire prevention gel
  • Register cell phones for emergency alerts
  • Prepare a list of essentials
  • Make copies – paper or electronic – of important documents
  • Learn your children’s School Disaster Plan
  • Prepare a travel case and plan for your pets.
  • Establish a family meeting place outside of Scripps Ranch
  • Plan for evacuation assistance, if necessary
  • Become familiar with “211 San Diego” services.

None of these are things we want to think about, but things we need to think about ahead of time.

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