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Coming Soon: Hunters of Hendrix

Hunters of Hendrix

Coming Soon: Hunters of Hendrix

Rick Moreno announced the upcoming opening of Hunters of Hendrix – described as Scripps Ranch’s first craft coffee shoppe and independent marketplace.

Moreno and Ryan Kinnerup, the founders of Newtopia Cyder, spun off the new venture which will be located at 10045 Carroll Canyon Road.

Paying homage to Scripps Ranch, the new establishment is named after Burt Elmer Hendrix, the foreman of the ranch of E.W. Scripps.

Moreno will partner with local suppliers that were established in San Diego to shape the culture within the Scripps Ranch community and to provide a venue to improve the well-being of residents through social engagement and art, according to the announcement.

Dark Horse Coffee, a local coffee bean roaster located in the heart of North Park, will supply an array of single origin coffee varietals for coffee connoisseurs to enjoy as an alternative to mainstream macro coffee.

Mutual Friend, a local vegan ice-cream creamery, will provide made-by-hand cold concoctions for customers. Favorites include the velvet cake, cookies and cream, and hocus potion.

Skinny Donuts, a local vegan donut baker, will supply made-by-hand donuts to pair perfectly with different coffee styles. Specialties include the matcha and strawberry sprinkles donuts.

Pardytime, a clothing designer based in Seal Beach, will showcase a variety of its original fashion style clothing line for those backyard barbecues or date nights out on the town.

In addition, Hunters of Hendrix is intended to be a venue to host events with local independent musicians, poets, photographers, non-profits and town-hall meetings.

Jan. 1 is the target date for all aspects of the new venture to be fully open, although some will be open sooner.