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CyberPatriot’s cyber tips #2

CyberPatriot’s cyber tips #2

The Scripps Ranch High School Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps has a branch dedicated to cyber security. This group participates in a national cyber security program with competitions called CyberPatriot. Here are the group’s cyber tips for November:

    1. Enable 2FA – this adds an extra layer of security and makes sure no one unauthorized is accessing your account. 

    2. Disable Bluetooth when you don’t need it because Bluetooth is a possible way to get your device hacked.

    3. Always have secure passwords that are not guessable! For phone passwords, make it a complicated series of numbers, not a singular number six times. 

    4. Never allow tracking to be enabled on untrusted apps.

    5. Tired of managing and remembering all your passwords? Try using a password manager (i.e.. 1Password)! These nifty tools keep your passwords safe, and you will only need to remember one password, but make sure to make this a strong one and keep it safe; refer to October’s tips for info on making a strong password: https://scrippsranchnews.com/featured/cyberpatriots-cyber-tips-1/.

    6. Do not post any sensitive information online or share it through social media. This includes your IP address, the school/workplace you attend, your birthday, etc.

    Senior Nathan Min, commander; sophomore Veer Chopra, sergeant of SRHS CyberPatriot; and sophomore Delbert Tran, CyberPatriot NCO are leading the CyberPatriot branch at SRHS AFJROTC.