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Events bring lots of laughter and good humor

Hosts and organizers of the Women’s Club Holiday Party holding donations for Hidden Valley House include (sitting from left) Lyn Cobb, Carol Murphy, and Patti Beaver; and (standing from left) Mary Lou Colbourn and Annette Stewart. (courtesy of SR Women’s Club)

Events bring lots of laughter and good humor

By Mary Rea
Publicity chair

Charles Dickens said it best in the story “The Christmas Carol” – “There is nothing in the world
so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor.”

The Women’s Club embraced Dickens’ quote as we celebrated the holidays together at our Annual Hol-
iday Party on Dec. 3 at Yanni’s Bar & Grill. This celebration set the mood for the season with lots of “laughter and good humor.”  Because the holiday spirit is about compassion as well as connection, club members took this opportunity to donate gifts to residents at Hidden Valley House so that we could
brighten their holidays a little.

Thank you to our Social Committee, including Patti Beaver, Carol Murphy, and Lyn Cobb, for organizing the Holiday Party; and to Mary Lou Colbourn and Annette Stewart for the lovely centerpieces and decorations. A huge thank you to the Women’s Club newsletter editor Madeline Pantalone (who is also our club photographer) who took photos throughout the celebration and captured the special moments of laughter and togetherness.

Enjoying the annual holiday celebration are (from left) Ray Higgins, Marianne Marion, and Judy and Phil Gagnon. (courtesy of SR Women’s Club)

December’s activities provided an enjoyable respite from the hustle and bustle of the season. In particular, our Book Group shared a luncheon and book exchange in preparation for selecting books for the coming year.  Thank you to our facilitator Lin Schoenberg for planning this fun and delicious event. The Fun and Games group took time out to gather for a relaxing afternoon to play the game Taboo where we formed teams and competed to see which team could guess more words without using the “taboo” words. Laughter and good humor were definitely contagious during this afternoon!

Our Mahjong players continued to hone their skills and techniques while playing twice in December. One of our members, Pam Madigan, initiated Mahjong for the Women’s Club nearly two years ago and continues to provide instruction and coaching to new players. Thank you Pam for adding so much value to our club with Mahjong and for continuing to teach new players how to best manipulate 144 Mahjong tiles.

There are a number of activities on the horizon as we prepare for the New Year. The Club’s Walking/Adventure group plans a late December beach walk in Solana Beach and, in early January, members will participate in the traditional La Jolla Shores Walk followed by a luncheon at Piatti’s.

If you are interested in our many programs and social activities as well as lots of contagious laughter and good humor, please contact our Membership Chair Laurie Wenger at lauriewenger@hotmail.com or explore our website at srwomensclub.org.

Happy New Year 2024 from the Women’s Club!