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Fitness Quest 10 gym expands its fitness footprint

Fitness Quest 10 customers and owner Jeff Bristol (middle) in front of the new location at 10625 Scripps Poway Parkway. (courtesy of Fitness Quest 10)

Fitness Quest 10 gym expands its fitness footprint

By Ashley Shah

Fitness Quest 10, one of the most well-known gyms in San Diego, has expanded its business by opening a new location.

The new Fitness Quest 10 is located at 10625 Scripps Poway Parkway in the Scripps Ranch Marketplace shopping center. The original Fitness Quest 10 location still stands at 9972 Scripps Ranch Blvd.

“I had not been looking for a new facility to grow into. The vision for Fitness Quest 10 has always been to be in San Diego, but not to have multiple locations. But, I have always said that if the right opportunity came about, we would consider expanding,” owner Jeff Bristol said. “This opportunity was presented to me, and I wanted to move forward with it.”

The location that Fitness Quest 10 moved into in the Scripps Ranch Marketplace shopping center was already a gym. 

From 2020 to part of 2023 the location was known as Eat the Frog Fitness. During 2023, the gym was sold and became Wave Fitness.

“The owner of Wave Fitness came to me with the opportunity a couple months ago to convert the gym into a Fitness Quest 10,” Bristol said. “The previous owner was looking to transition out of the business.” 

Fitness Quest 10 officially took over the location on May 1. 

“Technically, the space was never closed. Fitness Quest 10 just took over ownership, but during the transition, members were still able to come in and use the space,” he said. “I tried to keep most of the same hours and times for the fitness classes. I have kept most of the old staff, but I have added some new great trainers.” 

The new location primarily offers group fitness classes, but will be expanding the range in the future.  

“At the moment, we offer group fitness classes. We have strength and cardio equipment; we do offer virtual fitness classes,” Bristol said. “We are hoping to expand what we offer at this location though. I want to offer private and semi-private training options.” 

Bristol hopes to have a formal grand opening for the new location within the next couple of months. 

“I am thrilled to be expanding our footprint. Scripps Ranch is such an amazing community to be serving. There are a lot of people that live in Scripps that live closer to our new location, so I am happy to be able to reach more of the community,” Bristol said. 

For more information about the new location, visit @fitnessquest10north on Instagram.