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Gardening brings neighbors together

Scripps-Mesa Garden Club members gathered to enjoy a tour of Louise Badham’s tiered garden overlooking Penasquitos Canyon. (courtesy photo)

Gardening brings neighbors together

By Denise Stewart

Tranquil moments alone among the blooms and fruits of our own gardens certainly make for treasured time, but the sharing of our gardening experiences makes friends. Scripps-Mesa Garden Club has been meeting most months of the year doing just that.

In June, a tour of Louise Badham’s Mira Mesa garden brought out members to share the tiered landscape of her lush backyard full of greenery and blooms. Beautiful as her garden is, the backdrop of Penasquitos Canyon was a sight to behold. A large number of Garden Club members were there to share both the beauty of the garden Louise created, and the beauty of the canyon Mother Nature designed.

July’s meeting took place in a backyard in Scripps Ranch that provided a learning experience for the members. The host gardener takes an experimental approach to his hobby and members saw how he creates magic in his greenhouse.

In August, the club’s annual Harvest Potluck will be celebrated at another Scripps Ranch garden. Members will bring dishes to share made from the harvest of fruits and veggies they have grown at home.

The local plant enthusiasts have a website about their garden hobby. Brydon Bennett, who tends to that as well as his backyard meadow, has created a display of garden beauty and information. Take a look at scrippsmesagardenclub.com