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Girl Scouts create sensory path

Maile Ronchetto and Gabriella Stuzka work on their Silver Award project at Miramar Ranch Elementary School. (courtesy of Chantal Ronchetto)

Girl Scouts create sensory path

Maile Ronchetto and Gabriella Stuzka, two Scripps Ranch Girl Scouts of Troop 4545, completed their Silver Award at Miramar Ranch Elementary School.

A Silver Award is a project in which Girl Scouts solve a problem in their community that they are passionate about and raise awareness. Maile and Gabriella created a sensory path at Miramar Ranch Elementary School for their Silver Award. Their sensory path involves both physical and mental activities that are used to help refocus students’ minds to prepare them for the day. Now, students and staff have a place to take a break from the classroom and relax their bodies and minds to create a better learning environment for everyone. 

Maile and Gabriella are both Girl Scout Cadettes in middle school. They have been Girl Scouts for nine years and have sold a combined total of almost 10,000 cookies. 

Outside of Girl Scouts, Maile is a Civil Air Patrol (United States Air Force Auxiliary) cadet, and has been in the program for almost a year. She has also been a Fellowship Christian Athletes Club leader for two years.

Gabriella has been horseback riding for six years. In those years, she has developed her skills to work with horses, collaborate with others and work with younger children. According to Gabriella, horseback riding has become her sensory path in its own unique way.

They would not have been able to complete their project without the time and resources from SoCal Makers Market, Home Depot and Alpha Graphics.

Maile Ronchetto and Gabriella Stuzka (courtesy of Chantal Ronchetto)