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Home Lighting Contest is now open 

It’s not too early to consider entering this year’s Flint Super Real Estate-Scripps Ranch News Home Lighting Contest. 

Home Lighting Contest is now open 

The extremely popular Flint Super Real Estate-Scripps Ranch News Home Lighting Contest has opened for the 2023 holiday season.

Flint Super Real Estate is the official sponsor of this year’s home lighting contest that has provided such a fun and festive experience for local residents the past three years. It has become a warm holiday tradition for all of Scripps Ranch to enjoy.

Anyone whose home is within Scripps Ranch and decorates the outside of their home with holiday lights this season is eligible to enter the contest. Prizes – provided by Flint Super Real Estate – will be awarded to the top entrants.

FUN HOLIDAY SELF-TOUR: The Home Lighting Contest not only allows entrants a way to showcase their outdoor light decorating skills, it also provides a convenient opportunity for those who appreciate holiday light decorations to tour the outdoor home displays.

Scripps Ranch News will publish a map of entry locations in the December edition of the newspaper – and will provide updates online. Anyone can use the map (either the printed or online version) to plan a fun viewing tour of brightly decorated Scripps Ranch homes.

NEW THIS YEAR: Contest entrants will send in photos of their lighted displays at nighttime via email so judges may narrow down the top entrees. Then, judges will drive to the best-decorated properties in the contest to view the lighted display finalists and make their decisions. This change was made due to the large and growing volume of beautifully decorated Scripps Ranch homes entered in this contest each year.

All entry displays must be accessible to the public for street viewing.

When judging is complete, the top displays will be photographed by Scripps Ranch News.

The winners of the contest will be announced on ScrippsRanchNews.com on the morning of Jan. 1, New Year’s Day. Photos of the winning displays will be published in the January edition of Scripps Ranch News.

Contest entrants should fill in the contest entry form online first, then email the image of their lighted outdoor display afterward.

ENTRY FORM: Deadline to enter is Dec. 3, 2023. Contest rules and other specifics are provided in the online entry form. Those wishing to enter may fill in the form at scrippsranchnews.com/lighting-contest.

EMAIL FOR PHOTOS: Entrants must then send nighttime photos of their lighted outdoor home displays via email for judging. Deadline for photos is  Dec. 8, 2023. Email photos to info@scrippsranchnews.com.