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Honey: sweet, sweet honey

Aliza’s Honey offers honey, whipped honey, hand cream, lotion, bars, soap and candles. (courtesy photo)

Honey: sweet, sweet honey

By Jill Alexander

Whether you enjoy your honey whipped or the regular way – gooey and sweet – you’re in luck.

Aliza Stanton and her family produce Aliza’s Honey which can be found on Thursdays at the Scripps Ranch Farmers Market.

They are also beekeepers who began the business in 2008 by doing live bee removal, and the business progressed from there. 

Mission Statement: Through the bee removal business, they have been able to safely relocate bee colonies from homes and businesses to their main apiary as well as other locations around San Diego County.

Their website states: “Our mission is to allow the bees we rescue to pollinate our city’s beautiful local flora and support local agriculture. The products that we sell here are a byproduct of these rescued bees from around San Diego County.” 

The difference: What makes this honey different from those in the local grocery store is simple: “Our honey is truly local. Our hives are located throughout San Diego, while most local honey that is sold in San Diego comes from places like Valley Center. Which to my thinking isn’t very local. … and we never filter or pasteurize, as our honey comes directly from the hive. It’s raw and unfiltered,” Aliza Stanton said.

Besides offering honey products at farmer’s markets in the county, there is also an online shop where you can order items at alizashoney.com.

Sought after: Stanton believes these honey products are sought after because “people who appreciate and love natural products, care about sustainability and want local, pure, raw, unfiltered honey.”

She hears what customers are saying about the products, which makes her smile.

“The most common comment we hear when customers try our honey and whipped honey is ‘Oh my gosh, that’s good,’” she said.

While the honey product line doesn’t offer different flavors of honey, there are various flavors of whipped honey.

“We make four varieties of whipped honey, and you have to try it,” she said. “We’re working on adding new flavors. We also produce hand cream, lotion, bars, soap and candles that are all natural and handmade.”

Future endeavors: As for the future of Aliza’s Honey, Stanton said it’s to continue “sharing our products with our friends and neighbors.”

Aliza’s Honey products range in price from $8 to $25.

Visit Aliza Stanton at Aliza’s Honey booth at the Scripps Ranch Farmer’s Market, held from 3:30 to 7:30 p.m. each Thursday at 10045 Carroll Canyon Road.