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Over 60 softball signups are open

The Fall 2023 Tuesday Softball League Champions celebrate. Managers were Joe Wulkowicz and Steve Fiorina. (courtesy of Scripps Ranch Old Pros)

Over 60 softball signups are open

Most people end their recreational sports careers in their 30s or 40s, but not these guys. The Scripps Ranch Old Pros have a men’s softball league for players that are 60 years of age or more. This league is ideal for senior softball players who have recently retired or have flexible work schedules.  The seven inning games are played at Sycamore Canyon Park each Tuesday afternoon at 1:30 p.m. beginning March 12 through June 11.

The Tuesday afternoon softball league uses senior friendly rules designed to minimize player injuries. For example, sliding is not allowed, so players can overrun second and third base and remain safe as long as the player beats the throw.

In addition to enjoying a little friendly competition, one of the best parts of the league is hanging out with teammates and making new friends after the game. The league provides refreshments and snacks throughout the playoffs and championship game. Filippi’s torpedo sandwiches were a big hit this year, following the final game.

League commissioners Steve Northcote and Kevin Clark have been involved with Old Pros softball for more than 30 years. Email swnorth@san.rr.com or kclark@vitrek.com with any questions. Sign-ups for the March 2024 league are online at https://srop.org/softball/ and are limited to the first 60 players.