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Parking will increase at Scripps Miramar Ranch Library

(photo by Riley Apon of Scripps Miramar Ranch Library)

Parking will increase at Scripps Miramar Ranch Library

By Joan Reese
Scripps Ranch Friends of the Library

The Scripps Miramar Ranch Library’s long awaited parking lot expansion is about to commence.

Regular library goers have probably noticed that the iconic palm trees that lined the middle of the current upper (east) lot for the past 30 years have been removed in preparation for the construction work. In addition, a number of eucalyptus trees bordering the lower (north) lot have also been taken down. The expansion will involve filling a portion of the adjacent slope and the addition of a second driveway onto Scripps Lake Drive. When completed, library parking will have increased from the original 70 spaces to a total of 117 spaces. The project will be done in phases and is expected to take approximately a year.

While we have been assured that effort will be made to minimize impact on library users, parking access will, of necessity, be decreased during construction. Library users are reminded that additional parking is available on Meanley Drive (entrance is at the light on Scripps Ranch Boulevard opposite the Scripps Ranch High School stadium) on both the street and in the water department lot. The library can be easily accessed from the Meanley Drive parking via a scenic 5-minute walk on a paved and lighted walkway. In addition, it should be noted that parking at the library is reserved for library users. Those who park there while they run or bike, etc., at nearby Miramar Lake risk being towed as per city ordinance.

Library visitors are asked to plan to arrive a little early for programs in order to have time to use the Meanley Drive parking. Those who host meetings and events at the library should advise prospective attendees about parking arrangements. A printable map is included on the Scripps Ranch Friends of the Library (SRFOL) website: srfol.org

The SRFOL organization is cognizant of the important role of trees in combating global warming and are optimistic that new trees will be added to the library and adjacent city property in order to help mitigate the adverse impact of removal.

Those interested in joining efforts to facilitate the planting of trees may email publicity@srfol.org.