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Plan ahead in case a disaster happens

Planning ahead of a disaster can help reduce anxiety and keep family members safe.

Plan ahead in case a disaster happens

By Karen Herreros

We have talked about planning in the past, but here are some additional thoughts.

Planning ahead of a disaster can help reduce anxiety. It’s important to your household and neighbors to know how to get in touch with each other and how you can help each other during and after an emergency.

Work as a team to assess needs and what you would do if you experience a disaster while you or other family members are away from home.

Get connected

When an emergency strikes, we come together to help each other. Most of these networks and connections are either in-person or online. Consider the relationships you already have, whether it be family, friends or neighbors. Stay in touch with them and discuss your plan before a disaster strikes.

Connect online

Facebook, Twitter, Nextdoor create groups with your inner circle so you can quickly send messages, share supplies and make a plan. Follow emergency related feeds to stay informed such as your local American Red Cross and other emergency providers.

Connect in person

Make a point to meet your neighbors and connect with a group in your neighborhood. Some of these could include Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), Neighborhood Watch or faith based
organizations. The more you plan ahead with your neighbors and community, the safer you all will be.

Communication plan

Families should have a communication plan in place and discussed with their family for how they are going to communicate during and after a disaster if they are separated. Every family member should carry emergency contact information with them and include a copy in their emergency supply kit as well as in their wallet.

Plan ahead and stay safe.

Scripps Ranch Fire Safe Council, srfiresafecouncil@gmail.com, srfiresafe.org, (858) 201-3711.