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Pure Water pipeline impacts lake activities

Pure Water pipeline impacts lake activities

As the City of San Diego continues to make progress on one of the largest infrastructure projects in the City’s history, there will be temporary impacts to some water activities at Miramar Reservoir.

For the safety of residents and visitors, water activities at Miramar Reservoir will be suspended beginning next week through early 2023 due to pipeline construction work for the Pure Water Program. Shore areas, including picnic and barbecue areas, paths and shore fishing, will remain accessible to the public during the project.

Water activities will be suspended in mid-2023 during a second phase of the pipeline project. During these two construction periods, boats, canoes, kayaks and float tubes will not be allowed.

The 1-mile pipeline at Miramar Reservoir will include pipeline assembly on barges on the surface of the reservoir before being sunk and permanently installed underwater. The first phase of construction includes the completion of tunneling into the reservoir (mid-November 2022 to early 2023) and the second phase, starting mid-2023, will include the construction of the pipeline on the reservoir.

“This pipeline project is a crucial part of the Pure Water Program that will be vital to providing drinking water in the future,” said Juan Guerreiro, director of the City’s Public Utilities Department. “We are focused on limiting the impacts to our facilities while this work is underway, and we appreciate the public’s patience during the construction phases.”

The project team will work to minimize inconveniences associated with traffic, construction noise and large construction equipment, but the public should plan extra time for parking when visiting the reservoir.

Pure Water San Diego is the City’s phased, multi-year program that will provide nearly half of the City’s water supply locally by 2035. Pure Water will use proven purification technology to clean recycled water and produce safe, high-quality drinking water. The program offers a cost-effective investment for San Diego’s water needs and will provide a reliable, sustainable water supply.  

The City is committed to providing up-to-date information about construction activities. Notices will be regularly posted on scrippsranch.purewatersd.org.

Contact purewatersd@sandiego.gov or (833) 647-7973 with questions about the City’s Pure Water Program and the subaqueous pipeline project, and a team member will get back to you within one business day. For more information about Miramar and the City’s other eight reservoirs, visit the City’s Reservoirs and Lakes webpage at sandiego.gov/reservoirs-lakes