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‘Real Funnies’ offers good chuckles

This image adorns the banner of the Real Funnies of Scripps Ranch Facebook page.

‘Real Funnies’ offers good chuckles

By Jill Alexander

Forget your typical Sunday funnies, there’s something closer to home to make you laugh.

Search for the Real Funnies of Scripps Ranch on Facebook. It will have you in stitches and put you in a great mood any day of the week.

The Real Funnies of Scripps Ranch page was launched two years ago and offers regular posts including cute cartoons, poetry and animal memes.

“I started it during (COVID) lockdown for fun. It’s up to 1,400 members now, most of whom live in here in Scripps Ranch,” said Ellen Pickering, who remains one of the page’s administrators.

Pickering said she “thinks people go to the site to take a break and share a giggle. Our members are wonderful about posting and there’s always something new.”

“Currently, the subject of egg prices is a popular theme,” she said.

For example, a post by Mary Perlaki-Neely in late January features a photo of a carton of eggs behind a case, and the headline above it reads: “Ah … Yes … Deviled eggs rocking the price tag at $6.66.”

Another following on the egg theme was posted by Myrna Irish who posted: “These egg prices better not affect the Cadbury ones.”

Mary Schweid entered another humorous post about “The palm tree that saw its shadow and said 52 more weeks of summer.” 

Also, a silly one that seems timely was posted by Ross Ingles on Feb. 1 of a floating hot air balloon in the shape of a beer mug with the caption: “Oh great, here comes the German spy balloon.”

One post that got this writer laughing was by Mary Perlaki-Neely of a young gal selling Girl Scout cookies in front of a marijuana shop with the caption: “She sold 117 boxes in 2 hours.”

Anyone can join the Facebook group, but they must apply once they find the Facebook page. Your request will not be approved if you do not agree to the group rules. You must be approved before posting on the page.

Those who wish to post something on the Real Funnies page should keep in mind there are rules, according to the admins: “We have a high percentage of posts that go against the group rules. This is a friendly reminder that politics, political posts, political discussions, political pictures, pictures of politicians, presidents, candidates, or even normal posts shared from political pages are not allowed on this funnies page and will be deleted. These posts are a breeding ground for arguments we don’t want.
… If you know your post will spark an argument or is highly controversial, please do not post. These posts will be removed, and the repeat offenders will be removed as well. Have a great day.”