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Scripps Mesa Fireworks show canceled again 

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Scripps Mesa Fireworks show canceled again 

The Scripps Mesa Fireworks announced the cancellation of the 2022 Fourth of July Fireworks Show. This decision comes after the inability to secure the Wangenheim Middle School field in Mira Mesa as the launch site. 

Scripps Mesa Fireworks is a 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to raising funds for and organizing the Fourth of July Fireworks show over Mira Mesa for the residents of Scripps Ranch, Mira Mesa,
Miramar and surrounding communities. 

Despite the assistance of the Office of the Mayor of San Diego, the Office of City Councilmember Chris Cate, the San Diego Fire Department, the San Diego Unified School District and San Diego Parks and Recreation, it was determined that the risk of damage to the fields under construction was too severe for the contractor to accept. 

Scripps Mesa Fireworks investigated a secondary location near Camino Santa Fe which was proposed by the Office of the Mayor and vetted by San Diego Fire Department. However, the lack of acceptable viewing locations and gathering points forced the decision to cancel the 2022 fireworks show. With a safety requirement of 70 foot radius per every inch of firework shell diameter, there remained no accep-
table locations within Mira Mesa or Scripps Ranch to support the show.

This marks the third year of no fireworks for Fourth of July in the Mira Mesa area after nearly 45 years of celebrations. The 2020 show was cancelled due to concerns during the early days of the pandemic, and 2021 was cancelled when it was determined that improvements made to the roofing materials at Mira Mesa High School could be damaged with firework debris. 

Scripps Mesa Fireworks plans to return with a show in 2023 when the construction project at Wangenheim Middle School is expected to be complete.