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Scripps Ranch author publishes her second book

Author Prasanna Madabushi

Scripps Ranch author publishes her second book

By Ashley Shah

Scripps Ranch author Prasanna Madabushi published her second book, “War of the Three Kings,” on Aug. 5. 

“War of the Three Kings” is the second book in the Magadha Series, which is a trilogy. 

“I am really excited for my readers to read this one because I feel like I have grown as a writer, and they will be able to see that,” Madabushi said.

She will begin her third, and final book in the series, “Clash of the Heirs,” this year and hopes to publish it in 2022. 

“Right now, I am doing some plotting and organizing. I’m figuring out what to do with my main characters, but I’m ready. I thought of a great opening already,” Madabushi said. 

The Magadha series follows the journey of two royal siblings over the span of several decades. 

“In the first book, they are teens, and not in power yet. But, they are realizing their duty and responsibility. In the second book, they are adults, and they face challenges and have to learn from their mistakes,” Madabushi said. “The third book will be about when they’re older, and more about the love you have for your child, which is something that resonates with me. It is about learning what to put first, your child or your country.”

Madabushi started her journey with this series in 2015. She published her first book, “Heir to Malla,” in 2020. 

“I’ve always loved reading, but I found that I couldn’t find many books on Medieval India, so I just started writing. I never had meant for this to become a profession, but I talked with a few local publishers and an editor, and I was able to self-publish my first book,” Madabushi said.

Her second book was written during the pandemic, so she shared her experience writing in an uncertain time. 

“Writing was actually easier in the pandemic. It gave me a way to escape into my own world and get lost. Art of any form is an escape. However, it was a bit hard to get a book published, and I felt it was hard to connect with other writers,” Madabushi said. 

She held her first virtual event with Mysterious Bookstore Galaxy in January. Madabushi has also held several events through Instagram. She hopes to connect with local bookstores to hold more events.

She is planning for the future as her trilogy will come to an end next year.

“It is sad to part ways with these characters since they’ve been with me since 2015. However, I’m excited to begin a new series. I plan to probably start on it right after I finish my third book,” Madabushi said. “I think this time I want to do something more in the fantasy land. I’m thinking more of following two brothers and it being more in the realm of monks and that side of Indian culture.” 

She has been writing for more than six years now, but books have always been a part of her life. 

“My biggest inspiration from writing comes from my grandmother. We used to visit her in the summers when I was younger, and she would read us these stories, and I would watch the characters come to life. I loved it,” Madabushi said. 

Outside of all things book related, Madabushi enjoys gardening and spending time with her two daughters. 

Hardcover and paperback versions of her books are available at most bookstores, and e-books are available on Amazon Kindle. 

To keep up to date with Madabushi, visit annabushi.com. Follow her on Facebook @annabushibook, and Instagram @anna.bushi.book. 

The Magadha Series, including “War of the Three Kings,” follows the journey of two royal siblings over the span of several decades.