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SRLA preps for fall clinics

The Scripps Ranch Lacrosse Association holds fall clinics as well as a traditional spring lacrosse season for boys and girls. (courtesy of Scripps Ranch Lacrosse Association)

SRLA preps for fall clinics

By Kaila Mellos

The Scripps Ranch Lacrosse Association is preparing for a pre-season of fall ball to start after coming off a shortened season in the spring due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Lacrosse is a spring season sport. So, that starts in February, and we’ll start registration in the fall,” said Janet Beaman, one of two who oversees boys lacrosse. “However, for the last several years, we’ve had clinics in the fall to lead up to our spring season. Our expectation is that we will host those in October and November to get kids interested, especially kids who’ve never played the sport before, so they can come out and give it a try before the registration begins.”

With the pandemic, it is a work in progress to get the correct permits and enough players to sign up for the seasons. With all the difficulties, the spring session went very well, according to Beaman and Carl Stepnowsky, who also looks after boys lacrosse.

“Normally, in order to get field permits, we have to follow the city guidelines and any safety practices. So, we’ll do whatever is asked of us,” Stepnowsky said. “In the past, what we’ve done is taken temperatures and ask players to wear masks from car to field. But since lacrosse is an outdoor sport, it tends to be a little bit safer than an indoor sport. I think back in April, it went well, and we had no reported cases of transmission.”

According to Beaman, the spring session was jammed into a short seven-week period filled with doubleheaders to get in all the necessary games. 

“We were able to have a full season, but it was a shortened season, and we didn’t start until April when we started games that we just did like doubleheaders. Those seven weeks we had games so that we could still get in all needed for a full season. Also, by doing it that way, we allowed the numbers to drop and parents were more comfortable registering their children,” Beaman said. 

More information can be found at srlax.org.