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SRSA all-star season is a big success

Members of the Scripps Ranch Softball Association 12U gold team show off their trophies. (photo by Lisa Shadburn)

SRSA all-star season is a big success

By Kaila Mellos

After a short season of recreational play due to COVID-19 precautions, Scripps Ranch Softball Association (SRSA) postseason all-star softball started play in late May. The six teams with players ranging in age from eight to 12 played more than 11 games altogether this season.

The teams are put together based on age while also considering whether the players participated in the recreational season.

“Any girl that plays in the recreational season is allowed to try out for all-stars. Essentially, we try to make it a point to place every girl that does try out on a team that is appropriate for their skill level,” said John Grady, SRSA president. “So, the first teams, which are usually the gold teams, are built to go to championships and are built to win in districts and hopefully move on to nationals.”

Each of these teams got to play at least one round of the seed games in which they were placed. The SRSA 12U gold team did well in three of the four games played.

“Taking home ‘hardware’ in three of those four is pretty darn good,” Grady said.

Most of the other teams won at least two games against competing teams from other counties. The 8U and 10U silver teams got two wins out of four games in their specific seeds.

“I think ultimately, at the end of the day, winning makes everybody happy. But just this year, specifically being able to play after last year has been huge,” Grady said. “I think even the teams that didn’t have the success that they had originally hoped for had a blast just because they were out there and they were able to play.”

Aaron Herrmann, the SRSA vice president of administration, is also the coach for the 8U gold team. He had the opportunity to watch some of these girls grow over the couple of months he had to work with them in postseason play.

“You get to see the kids grow as players and people, and it is really special to be a part of that. But for the postseason, it’s even better,” Herrmann said. “Recreational is more about having girls come out to play, learn the sport, see if they like it and build friendships with others. Postseason play is about the girls improving their softball abilities along with their teammates.”

Ryan Archer, the SRSA vice president of operations, also gets to see the girls bond together over the all star season.

“The postseason is great for the girls to build their softball skills but also to build strong relationships,” Archer said. “All-stars is a very fun time of the year for the girls. They spend four to five days a week together, and some of those days are morning to night. The bonds the girls often make last from their 8U season all the way through high school and beyond.”

Currently, the registration for fall ball is open for girls who want to play during the school year and have the chance to play on the all star teams in late spring next year.

“We are forming teams now, and then September, October, November – they’ll be playing doubleheaders on Sunday,” Grady said. “It’s a lot less of a time commitment and it’s a fun way to learn the game and to be out there with some of your friends. So, we highly encourage people that are interested in signing up now and not waiting too long.”

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Players on the Scripps Ranch Softball Association 8U gold team smile for the camera. (photo by Lisa Shadburn)