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Weston heads to the Olympics

Stephanie Weston travelled to Tokyo to work with Team USA during the Summer Olympic Games. (photo courtesy of Stephanie Weston). 

Weston heads to the Olympics

By Ashley Shah

Stephanie Weston, a local massage therapist who works at Fitness Quest 10 gym, is traveling with Team USA for the Summer Olympic Games. 

Weston has been working for Team USA since 2019. 

“I had seen a listing for a sports massage therapist position for the Olympic training center in Chula Vista in 2018. I just kind of had applied, just to see, but then I heard back from them, and I went in for an interview. I got the job in late 2018, and started in January of 2019,” Weston said. 

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, Weston worked mainly with the track and field team as well as the men’s and women’s rugby teams. She also worked with swimmers, rowers and the archery team. 

“Before COVID, I was only going in a couple of days a week, but when COVID hit, they really scaled back, and I haven’t been back regularly since,” Weston said. 

Occasionally, Weston has gone to the center to work with the rugby teams. 

On July 17, Weston left for Tokyo where she will be staying in the athletes’ village for about three weeks. 

“I know that the games will be different because of the pandemic, but I have seen a lot of communication on how to get the games done safely, so I’m super excited to go,” she said. “I am just going to be available for anyone from Team USA that needs help.”

Weston has been working in massage therapy for more than 10 years now. 

“I had always had an interest in health. I grew up playing sports, mainly soccer, and I had considered many things like being a chiropractor or going into acupuncture. I thought massage therapy would be a good way to get my foot in the door,” Weston said. 

In 2011, Weston pursued her interest by attending the National Holistic Institute in Los Angeles. 

“In LA, I had a lot of really good opportunities that really taught me a lot about massage therapy. I worked at a chiropractor’s office; I had private clients; I worked on movie sets. Doors have just kept opening, and I keep taking them,” she said. 

In 2017, Weston began her time as a massage therapist at Fitness Quest 10 in Scripps Ranch. 

“I remember I was just looking around for places that worked with athletes, and I stumbled across Fitness Quest 10. I contacted Todd [owner of Fitness Quest 10] and I got the position,” she said. 

In the future, Weston hopes to work with a professional team. 

“I have always liked working with teams, and I think working for Team USA has really accentuated my interest in that,” she said. 

“I never expected this to be a full time gig, but I am so happy it is. Massage therapy is like a puzzle, there is always more to learn, and I love that,” Weston said.

To keep up with Weston, visit her on Instagram @steph.weston.