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Wildflowers and cultivated gardens are blooming

Winter and spring rains made Scripps-Mesa Garden Club member Lynnell Hallock’s hillside especially beautiful this year. (courtesy photo)

Wildflowers and cultivated gardens are blooming

By Denise Stewart 

Scripps-Mesa Garden Club members recently toured a member’s backyard to enjoy a variety of blooms. They also enjoyed the spectacular view of Penasquitos Canyon to the north of her Mira Mesa property. June proved to be the ideal month to take in the beauty of her cultivated plants as well as the profusion of seasonal wildflowers blooming in the canyon backdrop.

During the growing season, the club regularly visits local members’ gardens to share and celebrate their efforts in creating and maintaining gardens of flowers, vegetables and fruits. The gardeners also share their knowledge and experiences with local soil and weather conditions.

In July, another local garden will attract the club’s attention on the fourth Tuesday of the month. Another tour and a potluck will take place in the months ahead until the weather cools and the evening light dims. Then the club will return to the Scripps Miramar Ranch Library Community Room for talks and other events.

If gardening and the enjoyment of natural food and flowers appeal to you, check out the club’s website to learn more about the garden club’s activities. Currently, there is a special feature of contributed photos of the wildflower proliferation that we are enjoying locally following our unusual winter rains. Visit scrippsmesagardenclub.com.