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Women plan fun events for 2024 

Women plan fun events for 2024 

By Denise Stewart


A 43-year tradition of friendship and fun is enjoyed by local women who belong to the Scripps Ranch Welcome Club. They will soon be celebrating the anniversary of the founding of the club at their monthly meeting in the Community Center on the evening of Feb. 12 at 7 p.m.

In addition to the celebration, Paul Carrozza, a retired San Diego firefighter, will provide a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and automated external defibrillator (AED) demonstration at the general meeting. He has 30 years’ experience as a firefighter here in San Diego. He has continued to serve as an American Heart Association CPR instructor since his retirement.  

The monthly meetings of smaller groups at book clubs, card games, Bunco, trail walks, and crafts resumed as soon as the holidays were over. A brunch and movie outing began the 2024 Gad-abouts adventures with a special event at the start of the year. While there was a choice of films, seeing the movie “The Color Purple” had a special sparkle to it. The mother of  Brenda Russell, who wrote the musical score for the production, is a Welcome Club member.

Meanwhile, the organizers of the varied activity groups are planning a trove of events for the new year. Some of them have already taken place.

On Feb. 10, Scripps Ranch Theatre’s upcoming production of “Chapatti,” a romantic comedy set in Ireland, will draw club members and their guests for the evening. A potluck supper at a member’s home will precede the performance. Patronizing our local arts establishment is a Welcome Club tradition that fits very well with the social side of the club’s personality.

One of the best attended events of the club’s calendar will be enjoyed again in February. A coffee gathering which features lots of interaction with friends, along with the sharing of delicious brunch dishes, is planned.

In the rest of the year to follow, these regular monthly happenings will be enhanced by innovative ideas that are being generated by the club’s members. As the diversity of membership grows, so do the experiences and interests that women share with the group. Always open to new ways to enjoy one another and the social opportunities in our community, novel day and evening activities are being considered.

While Welcome Club’s focus is on enhancing the social life of local women, their support of local charities is also a strong tradition. This holiday season they gave monetary support for military families with a generous donation to their toy drive.