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Young entrepreneur is also a philanthropist

Rylan Sigdestad paints address numbers on trash cans for residents. (courtesy photo)

Young entrepreneur is also a philanthropist

By David Barak

The most important things needed to start a business are a vision for the business and hard work. Just ask Rylan Sigdestad, a 14-year-old entrepreneur and ninth grade student at Scripps Ranch High School. He runs Rylan’s Address Painting, a curb and trash can address painting service.

“I started in November 2020, and I’ve been doing it since then,” Sigdestad said.

In that time, he has finished roughly 300 painting projects. He performs his work after school, on weekends and even before school thanks to the flexibility of online learning. Sigdestad’s marketing is done via door-to-door flyers, Nextdoor.com endorsement “shout outs,” Facebook and his business website,  paintmyaddress.com,  which he built himself.

First responders and delivery drivers have praised his work, emphasizing the importance of having easily readable address numbers.

Sigdestad first shows prospective customers photos of their current painted address, often in poor condition because of ordinary wear over the years. Once hired, he scrubs off as much of the old paint as possible before repainting according to the customer’s request. The curb painting process typically takes about half an hour, but that can vary depending on the weather.

He offers an upgrade to reflective paint rather than the standard non-reflective type. Prices are currently $15 per side for painting addresses on trash cans (customers can choose from one to all four sides), $25 for standard curb painting and $35 for reflective curb painting. He offers some discounts as detailed on his website. He can accept cash, check or Venmo for payment.

Sigdestad will be adding the option to include a graphic as part of his painting service. He plans to initially offer an image of the U.S. flag, a “Be Kind” logo, a cross and a San Diego State University Aztecs logo, and he said he will probably add others.

Sigdestad also offers general stenciling services for local businesses.

His business is booming – there have sometimes been waiting periods of up to 10 days.

Sigdestad isn’t just an entrepreneur, he’s also a philanthropist. He has committed himself to donating 10 percent of his sales to the Helen Woodward Animal Center, a non-profit animal adoption agency. So far, he has donated about $800.

His relationship with the organization began when he attended a camp run by the agency. He ended up adopting a dog through the group and he’s been involved with the organization since then. Sigdestad also includes a link on his website so people can make direct donations to the agency.

This isn’t Sigdestad’s first foray into the business world. He mowed lawns for neighbors, and for a time he ran a mobile in-home movie service, setting up digital projectors and screens in clients’ homes for watching films on “the big screen.”

Sigdestad also redesigned the common ball-throwing handle dog owners use, creating a version that allows the user to throw two balls at once.

In his spare time – what little there is – Sigdestad participates in his school’s cross country, golf and basketball athletic programs. He is also a leader in his church youth group.

“I don’t know what school or business yet, but I want to start my own business,” Sigdestad replied when asked about his future educational and career plans.

Sigdestad can be reached directly for address painting services at rylansigdestad@yahoo.com or by calling (858) 740-9658. Visit paintmyaddress.com.