Home for the Holidays Home Lighting Contest

1. Entry is free and only Scripps Ranch addresses are eligible to be entered. Single-family homes, apartments, townhomes and condominiums may be entered, providing their decorations are viewable from the street. Streets with gate code access are not eligible.
2. By entering this contest, you agree to have your name, address and photo publicized in the Scripps Ranch News newspaper, website and social media channels if selected as a winner.
3. Home must be illuminated and accessible for street viewing from Dec. 13 to Dec. 28 between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m.
4. Homes may not be professionally decorated, as this contest is a showcase for residents to show their own creativity.
5. Judging will only apply to exterior displays from the street view.
6. Safety: No decorations shall be fastened to any public equipment (street lights, utility poles, signs, etc.). Entrants agreed to only use outdoor-approved lighting and decorations. Electrical safety must be exercised at all times and all decorations must comply with the safety instructions on all electrical products used. Decorations may not obstruct sidewalks or public property.
7. Entrants' addresses will be included on a map published in the December issue of Scripps Ranch News and on social media.
8. Failure to comply with the Rules of Entry may lead to immediate removal of an entry and withdrawal or any applicable prizes.
9. Scripps Ranch News is not responsible for additional traffic or damage, injury or theft which may occur as a result of publication of entry location in Scripps Ranch News, on ScrippsRanchNews.com or any social media pages owned by Scripps Ranch News.

By submitting this form, I agree to allow my name, home and outdoor lighting display be published in any and all publications of Seacoast Media Lab, LLC; Scripps Ranch News; including publication on electronic, digital and social media sites and pages owned by the aforementioned entities. I agree to having my property photographed and published. I give permission for my property’s address to be published as stated above and I understand the publication of my property’s address may bring traffic and viewers to my street. I give permission for my property’s location to be pinpointed on a map for publication.