Create ambiance in your home

Using bold colors is one way to add ambiance and character to your home. (copyright bukhta79/

Create ambiance in your home

(StatePoint) If your home interiors lack charm, don’t worry. These five simple additions and updates can add ambiance and character to your home.

1. Use bold colors. Colors have the power to create specific moods. To ensure a welcoming atmosphere, make sure you select shades wisely. The science behind color psychology can help you choose paint, upholstery and more. Warm colors like red, orange and yellow make people feel more cozy and intimate. Cooler colors like gray and green are better for invoking calm, and are used to make a room feel more spacious.

2. Add a touch of softness. Use plush, cozy materials, such as decorative pillows and throws to create inviting places to sit. Soften hard surfaces like wooden or tile floors with area rugs. Add some warmth to hallways and narrow foyers with runners.

3. Breathe new life into spaces. Indoor plants can give life to an otherwise stagnant living area. For those not blessed with a green thumb, consider artificial plants. High-quality options can look very realistic and will save you time on care and maintenance. Or, for variety, add a simple vase to the kitchen table and brighten up the room with a new bouquet of fresh cut flowers each week.

4. Make music. A piano brings a level of elegance to any room, but you don’t have to overspend to get a beautiful sound or visual. New digital pianos reproduce the subtle nuances of the world’s finest grand pianos at various price points. For example, the Celviano Grand Hybrid Piano from Casio has the technology to produce an authentic grand piano experience, but doesn’t take up as much space or cost as much. Plus, since it’s digital, you won’t have to worry about maintenance and tuning.

5. Mood lighting. From candles to unique fixtures to bright open windows, the type of lighting used to illuminate a room sets its tone. Choose curtains and candles for cozy, romantic nights. Draw them open in the day for bright, sun-lit spaces. Install interesting fixtures as a focal point in empty hallways and in living spaces.

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