Green with ivy, trees and shrubs

(photos by John Gregory)

Green with ivy, trees and shrubs

How many hues of green are there on any summer day in Scripps Ranch? Wait until the sun begins to lower itself in the west and there might be four, five, maybe as many as six, but they are almost impossible to capture all in one camera frame.

Scripps Ranch is known for its abundance of trees, and we’re not talking about palms that populate most San Diego communities. No, Scripps Ranch is one of the few communities in this city that has normal trees; the ones with real leaves. There are a lot of them.

Known for its iconic and fragrant eucalyptus trees, Scripps Ranch has an abundance of nature’s greenery.  Beyond the fact that there are many local parks, nearly every home is next to a nature trail or canyon.

In addition, the area’s homeowners take great care in the upkeep of their yards and gardens, making Scripps Ranch one of the more beautiful and green communities in the entire county, and one of the more enviable places to live.

Anyone with a beautiful green yard and colorful flowers is welcome to send photos of your property to Scripps Ranch News for publication in the Homes section. Any photos of beautiful homes are welcome, including photos of interior rooms, patios, gardens, yards, barbecue areas and even fancy garages. Please include a brief description, your name (and name of the photographer) and your contact information. Or simply suggest a story idea about a beautiful home or yard in Scripps Ranch. Send to:

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