Take perfect photos of your home

By adopting the key principles of professionals, you can capture the beauty of your home interiors to create amazing photos. (copyright The New American Home 2019)

Take perfect photos of your home

(StatePoint) Whether you have completed an amazing renovation, or you are selling your house, you’ll want to take perfect pictures of your home to share.

Acclaimed photographer Jeffrey Davis, the photographer of choice for The New American Home and Progress Lighting, is sharing some tips to elevate your residential photography game to a social media-worthy or even magazine-worthy level.

Lighting fixtures are a critical focal point in homes, yet photographing lighting in a room is challenging.

“Lights always look better when turned on,” Davis said. “Try to pick a time of day when lights can be on, but you can still get outside views that won’t be burned out.”

Jennifer Kis, director of marketing communications for Progress Lighting and a veteran of many residential photoshoots, agrees.

“Lighting is often the statement piece of a room. Having the chandelier turned on in the great room, for example, adds to the general light of the room and creates a warm and cozy feeling,” Kis said.

Another important tip is to focus on the lighting fixture itself.

“Since lighting fixtures are hung high in a room, angle the camera that way. Shooting at eye level is rarely the right angle,” Davis explained.

Whether or not lighting fixtures are the focus, having the right light at the right time is an essential piece of taking perfect pictures. Spend extra time scouting shoot locations and the design layout of the home. Take notes when planning the shoot to ensure that natural light is shining in the right space at the right time of day.

Next, focus on the composition of the shot. The proper balance elevates the image and makes the design elements of the room stand out. When aiming for a picture of the whole room, try shooting right down its center. Using the room’s architectural framework as a guide, pick angles that feel natural to the space and that casually direct the eye to the subject matter being showcased. The viewer’s eye should wander around the image, finally landing on the intended focal point.

Colorful accessories and the right room angles create a visual path through the room, engaging the eye naturally to add depth and interest to the image and taking the ordinary to extraordinary. Clear out the clutter in the room and style the space, remembering that less is more. Try focusing on details and vignettes that create a story of the area and give the room personality.

For an ideal finished image, Davis recommends a print file size of 4,000 pixels, 14-inches by 14-inches at 300 dots per inch in tiff or jpeg format. For online use, he recommends images sized 1,800 pixels, 12-inches by 12-inches at 150 dots per inch, in jpeg format.

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