About the Leisure section

The Leisure section will provide ideas for adults trying to decide where to spend their rare grownup time. (photo by Abrahim Asad/Wikimedia Commons)

About the Leisure section

Most of us dedicate ourselves to our children, as we should, but we sure as heck cherish our rare grownup time when we get it. If adults have any alone time, it’s often puzzling to discover where to spend it. The Scripps Ranch News Leisure section will help provide some answers. This is an entertainment, dining and culture section for grownups.

Yes, there are some fantastic restaurants and other establishments in and around Scripps Ranch for adults, and the Leisure section will cover them and cover them often. Scripps Ranch News encourages our readers to visit our local establishments and become loyal customers. The only problem is that there are not enough of them nearby, so the Leisure section will offer a county-wide view as well.

From ballet to symphony, from opera to rock, from museums to theater, we intend to offer an eclectic taste of what San Diego has to offer. We might even throw in a little travel every once in a while.

By the way, we realize not everyone in Scripps Ranch is married and has children, and not everyone is the same age or shares the same interests or culture, so we will keep that in mind when we select our topics.

We are always open to suggestions for coverage, so please feel free to offer your ideas.  Email: john@scrippsranchnews.com

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