An exploration of digital romance

Charles Peters plays Michael Dexter and Heidi Bridges portrays Francine Dexter in the Scripps Ranch Theatre production of “For Better.” (photo by Ken Jacques)

An exploration of digital romance

Scripps Ranch Theatre will deliver its production of “For Better” to audiences through June 24 at the Legler Benbough Theater on the Alliant International University campus.

Written by Eric Coble and directed by Eric Poppick, “For Better” explores and pokes fun at the world of romance in the digital age.

With all the electronic options available for communication these days, who’s to say a couple can’t play out their romantic relationship entirely by wireless means? Who’s to say it’s not as good as in-person interaction? Perhaps it’s better. After all, sending a text, for instance, often makes it easier to express one’s true feelings that might not be as easy to express in person. On the other hand, it’s also easier to pretend to be someone else other than oneself. Regardless, the play has the potential to take the concept of using electronic communication to express affection to the limit, and conceivably examine its pitfalls. This modern romantic comedy is a prime candidate for bringing laughter to its audience.  

Kenny Bordieri is Stuart Tramontane and Erica Marie Weisz plays Lizzie Monohan. (photo by Ken Jacques)

“For Better” is in the capable hands of Poppick, who is not only an experienced director but a seasoned actor. Those performing the play include Kenny Bordieri as Stuart Tramontane; Heidi Bridges as Francine Dexter; Fred Harlow as Wally Baedeker; Kate Marian McNellen as Karen Baedeker; Charles Peters as Michael Dexter; and Erica Marie Weisz as Lizzie Monohan.

Performances will be held every Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m. and every Sunday at 2 p.m. through June 24 in the Legler Benbough Theater at Alliant International University, 9783 Avenue of Nations. For tickets, visit scrippsranchtheatre.org.

Kate Marian McNellen plays Karen Baedeker and Fred Harlow portrays Wally Baedeker. (photo by Ken Jacques)

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