Ice is nice for adult beverages

Ice is nice for adult beverages

Most think of Rita’s at 10585 Scripps Poway Parkway as a great place to cool off the kids after a playdate in the park or following a game, but it has crossed the minds of some that the flavorful Italian ices can be mixed with certain spirits to create a refreshing adult beverage on these hot summer days.

Yes, it’s more than a rumor. Just choose your flavor, take it home and stir in a shot of your choice. Not a bad way to wind down after work, and a big hit for summertime parties.

The Scripps Ranch Rita’s has a large selection of Italian ice flavors to choose from, and they can be purchased in a variety of sizes: a cup, quart, ½ gallon, gallon, 2.5 gallons. Quarts are most popular because they fit into most home freezers.

The local Rita’s normally carries at least one ice flavor that would pair well as a frozen cocktail so mom and dad can take it home and have a little slushy drink.

The word is that Island Fusion, a tropical blend of pineapple, banana and guava, is amazing when mixed with Bacardi rum.

Rita’s carries a margarita ice, a combo of lemon, lime and orange, that blends well with tequila. Rita’s also carries a strawberry margarita ice.

Another suggested flavor is daiquiri ice, a blend of strawberry and coconut.

For a fun gathering, take the flavored ice home, scoop it into a blender, add your liquor and mix to your liking. Pour into some fun glasses and you’ll be the star of the evening.

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