Local man authors action adventure novel

Cliff Huckleberry

Local man authors action adventure novel

Scripps Ranch resident Cliff Huckleberry devoted his career to making semi-conductors for 21-years. Upon retiring, he decided to write a book. A year-and-a-half later, he had a 600-page novel on his desk.

“I retired three years ago and just started writing,” Huckleberry said. “My wife and I are empty nesters; our kids are on their own. So, I got up one rainy day, poured a cup of coffee and had an idea for a fiction adventure story; and now it’s a published book titled ‘Indomitable.’”

The first thing any publisher will tell a fledging storyteller is to write about a subject they are familiar with, so writing about the exciting world of computer chips seemed to be the perfect topic for Huckleberry. However, this mild-mannered widget maker morphed his story into that of a family man caught in the chaos of a worldwide terrorist plot.

“Because I was in technology, a lot of people were surprised when I came out with a fiction adventure book,” Huckleberry said. “Based on my background, writing a book was not a normal thing to do, but it stretched me, and I needed that.”

When this father of four began writing, he was advised to focus on a subject he was familiar with. Since he and his wife, Cathie, frequently traveled to exotic locations such as Spain, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia, this became the perfect backdrop for his novel.

In his book, an average family is torn apart when a rogue European country stages attacks on the United States and Europe, plunging the world into chaos. The father in the book had to find a way to rescue his scattered family – stranded in different parts of the world.

“Since I’m a father, husband and a son, I took a regular person, a tech guy – not a Rambo – and put him and his family into an extremely dangerous situation. He had to do things he normally wouldn’t do to protect his family and get them out of harm’s way,” Huckleberry explained. “I think people will relate because not everybody is a Rambo type guy, and this is about what a regular guy would do in an extreme situation to protect his family. It’s a story that has characters that people can relate to.”

Page Publishing in New York accepted the first-time author and now “Indomitable” is available on Apple iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Barnes & Noble.

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