Musician’s album nominated for award

Patrick Yandall’s “When It’s Hip” album was nominated for Jazz Album of The Year at the San Diego Music Awards. (courtesy photo)

Musician’s album nominated for award

Scripps Ranch musician Patrick Yandall’s “When It’s Hip” album has been nominated for Jazz Album of The Year at the San Diego Music Awards, which was scheduled to be held March 23 at the House of Blues in downtown San Diego, but has since been postpoed due to the COVID-19 crisis.

“This is my 22nd album. I’ve been nominated numerous times over the years, and so far, I’ve always been the bridesmaid and not the bride. Maybe this will be my year to catch the bouquet,” Yandall said.

“Twelve years ago, Life’s Work Entertainment in Los Angeles nominated me for Jazz Artist of The Year. I’ve also had Grammy consideration for four of my albums, but I’m still waiting for that first win,” he said.

Yandall was born into a musical family. His father was a performer doing “gigs” at local clubs and events in Michigan. Subsequently, young Patrick was bitten by the show-biz bug about the same time most kids his age were learning how to ride a bicycle.

“Dad had all kinds of instruments laying around and I started playing a little trumpet in grade school, but I gravitated toward the guitar when I was in fourth grade and stuck with it.” Yandall said.

“I grew up in Michigan and began playing around town when I was in the ninth grade. A friend of my brother had a band that was playing clubs and they asked me to play with them. I’m only 13; I asked, ‘can I even go in there?’” he explained. “The club manager said it was okay for me to play, but I had to stand outside when the band took a break. So, I stood outside, and this was in Michigan, in the winter. Some of those breaks were pretty cold.”

Rock was the music of choice in the clubs, but Yandall began to take a new musical path that would eventually lead him to a career as a jazz musician.

“Like most kids, I started playing rock, but the instrumentals in songs by the Allman Brothers began to sway me towards jazz improvs. I began picking up jazz influences in other artists’ music and that was how it all started for me,” Yandall said.

“Technically, there’s quite a difference from playing rock on a guitar to playing jazz on a guitar. Since my dad was a musician, I started young and developed an ear for music. Because of that, I could listen to and learn rock songs very quickly. For example, if I heard a song by ‘Aerosmith,’ 30-minutes later I could play it perfectly, but jazz wasn’t that easy to pick-up.

“Jazz was a different world and that intrigued me. Most jazz musicians will tell you that the learning never stops. Because of that, I’m always doing something new. Jazz is challenging and it isn’t for everybody. You either dig it or you don’t.

“The albums I’ve recorded over the years have a mix of blues and contemporary jazz. Now I’m into smooth jazz, like you would hear on KIFM Radio, 98.1. Jazz to me is George Benson and Wes Montgomery. That’s the kind of music that influenced me early in my career to be a professional jazz guitarist.”

Yandall has been playing clubs in the San Diego area since the late 1980s. His music has been featured in several movies including “Fruitvale Nation,” “Girls” on HBO and “The New Girl” on Fox, to name a few.

To put a little smooth jazz into your life or event, contact Patrick Yandall at pyandall@san.rr.com

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