New Brewery Plans To Open Here Soon

Harland Brewing Company, a new San Diego beer brand, plans to open a new production facility and tasting room this spring at 10119 Carroll Canyon Road in Scripps Ranch. (image courtesy of Harland Brewing)

New Brewery Plans To Open Here Soon

A trio of veteran beer industry partners are set to open a new brewery and tasting room in Scripps Ranch this spring. Dubbed “Harland Brewing Company,” the new facility will feature up to 24 craft beer taps to suit a variety of tastes ranging from blondes to lagers to IPAs. Construction is currently underway at 10119 Carroll Canyon Road with an anticipated opening date of mid-April.

Harland is one of three businesses under the umbrella of Ocotillo Holdings LLC, which also includes wine label Claxton Cellars, as well as Scout Distribution, which focuses on distribution of craft beer, wine, hard cider and hard kombucha. According to Chief Operating Officer Jeff Hansson, the ideation for the businesses came about collectively last year with partners Josh Landan and Anthony Levas. The three had formerly worked together at St. Archer Brewing, which Landan co-founded in 2013. Following the brand’s sale to MillerCoors in 2015, however, the team noted feeling a sense of loss of the entrepreneurial spirit that accompanied their business venture, as well as longing for involvement in the beer business, specifically.

“We missed owning a brewery. We missed walking in and smelling the beer being brewed and working with our teams,” Hansson said. “We feel like we’re good at what we do and we love what we do.”

Hansson also noted the team’s collective passion for building brands with their friends. Different from their previous endeavor with St. Archer, Harland has positioned itself as a gritty brand with a strong, masculine feel. The aesthetic, according to Hansson, is Americana-inspired with very clean design elements. Their target audience is craft beer drinkers, and this time around, their vision for the business is to maintain a local focus.

“We’re building out our production facilities, so we’ll have the capability if we want to sell our products in other counties in California, but right now, San Diego is 100 percent the focus,” Hansson said. “We wanted to build a brewery that we’re very proud of where we can just make great beers and sell to bars, restaurants, hotels, concessionaires and grocery stores in San Diego.”

Production facilities for the new business are under construction in Carmel Valley and in Scripps Ranch, just down the road from Newtopia Cyder. Compared to their previous experience producing their brews within a business park in Miramar, Hansson said that the Harland team is excited about its new location in Scripps Ranch because it has a genuine community, neighborhood feel.

“We’re really excited about being in Scripps Ranch,” he said. “This is a great fit for us [and] we’re really excited to try to immerse ourselves in to the community as much as possible.”

While no food items will be produced on-site at the new tasting room, Hansson said that the team will be working to contract with food trucks to have light bites available for their patrons.

For those anxious to try the new brews prior to the opening of the new Harland tasting room this spring, Public House 131 will soon add Harland to its selection of beers on tap.

For more information, visit harlandbeer.com.

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