SR Women’s Club: Women helping women

Attending a Scripps Ranch Women’s Club Membership Brunch are (from left) right: Denise Hampton, Connie Curran and Erica Berick. (courtesy photo)

SR Women’s Club: Women helping women

March is International Women’s Month. It’s a month that has generated conversations among Women’s Club members of times when they were mentored or supported by other women. Below are true stories from two of our members.

One member shared her story from years ago when, as a recent college graduate, she was mentored by an older woman. The younger woman had applied for a job as a switchboard operator, thinking this was the only available job in her location. The job interviewer saw a greater potential in the young woman and offered her an unadvertised job that involved managing 20 people. The older woman also guided this younger woman through the internal politics of the organization to help her be successful.

Another Women’s Club member shared a story about her concerns of her ability to return to graduate school while working in order to earn an advanced degree. This woman’s mentor was her boss, who said things to her such as, “Of course you can do this. I know you can.” These two women and other club members who have experienced support and mentoring are now giving back by volunteering in their community.

Enjoying a Scripps Ranch Women’s Club Pre-theater Party are (from left) Lydia Irvine, Rose Lizcano, Susan Barnett, Ron Lennert and Mary Meissner. (courtesy photo)

Scholarship Time!
The Women’s Club college scholarship program comes within this framework of women helping women. There is still time for Scripps Ranch high school senior girls to apply for one of our scholarships. Each year the Women’s Club awards several scholarships to senior female students based on strong academics and community service. This application form is on our website at www.srwomensclub.org. The deadline for submission is March 30. If you are a Scripps Ranch high school senior girl, this is an opportunity not to be missed!

Another important component of the Women’s Club is sharing activities and having fun together. March and April highlights include a happy hour with discounted drinks at Bruski Burgers & Brew on March 29. On April 5, there will be a pre-theater gathering at the Crown Pointe Clubhouse for the Scripps Ranch Theater production of “Return Engagements.”

In April, the Women’s Club Book Club will be discussing “An American Marriage,” by Tayari Jones. On April 7, the Women’s Club is sponsoring a free afternoon concert at the Scripps Miramar Ranch Library with the Peter Sprague Jazz Duo. In addition to these events, the Women’s Club offers a range of activities from bridge to bunco groups to enrichment outings.

If you are looking for ways to have a good time, to meet new friends and possibly to give back to your community, Scripps Ranch Women’s Club can help you make those connections! To learn more about joining the Women’s Club, contact Connie Curran at (858) 775-7703 or Denise Hampton at (858) 361-7118. More information on the Women’s Club can be found at srwomensclub.org.

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