Vodka company makes hand sanitizer


Vodka company makes hand sanitizer

Tito’s Handmade Vodka, based in Austin, Texas, sent out a press release a few weeks ago to let members of the public know that they should not use their vodka as a hand sanitizer or disinfectant to battle COVID-19.

Now, Tito’s, which has a history of charitable acts, has converted some of it distilling process to manufacture a formula of real, government approved hand sanitizer.

Here is some of the info directly from Tito’s website:

(March 22) While we advise that you cannot use our standard vodka product as a hand sanitizer, our team at the distillery has been working hard to get all of the pieces in place to begin production on a hand sanitizer that adheres to industry and governmental guidance.

Last week, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) announced they are authorizing production of ethanol-based hand sanitizers by permitted distillers. This good news allowed our team to continue working on this process.

Currently, we are testing our formula, procuring necessary components of supplies and packaging, and preparing for production as we wait for the additional required ingredients to be delivered to the distillery. We have the ingredients and equipment on order to make an initial 24 tons of hand sanitizer over the next several weeks, and plan to make more from there as needed.

Tito’s Handmade Vodka original stillroom. (TitosVodka.com)

Production begins
(March 25) Our distillery team is working as quickly as possible to ramp up the production of hand sanitizer that we will be giving away to those in need. We are starting with an initial 24 tons over the next several weeks and will make more from there as needed.

We are actively working with local government emergency management agencies to distribute our initial hand sanitizer batches in bulk to first responders (police officers, firefighters and EMT), hospitals (and other medical staff), and managed care facilities such as nursing homes and specialized care. We are also working to distribute it to other personnel in critical need.

The demand is very high, and our production capacity is limited, so we are unable to fulfill all current requests. It is anticipated that for the next several weeks, needs in our region and state will deplete all we can make to fill dire needs. We hope to have supply available for wider distribution in several weeks.

We expect to be able to open requests outside of our immediate distillery region in the next two weeks as we have a better feel for what we can produce and package for donation to those in highest need. At that time, we anticipate there will be other avenues to get more sanitizer to all, and we are planning to be in a better position to help out where needs cannot be met.

If you are a first responder, work in healthcare, work for a nonprofit, or are other critical personnel that is in need of hand sanitizer, please complete this form to submit your request (https://www.tfaforms.com/4812077).

Please note that due to a high volume of inquiries we are not able to respond to each request individually at this time. But, please know that you are important to us, and we are working to fulfill hand sanitizer needs as quickly as we can. We will post updates on TitosVodka.com.

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