Women’s Club Offers Fitness Opportunities

Women’s Club members walking at Miramar Lake are (from left) Michelle Cyphers, Diane Lennert, Connie Curran, Anne McClure, Marianne Marion, Linda Roth with her dog Happy, Liz Erickson and Marty Salkin. (courtesy of Scripps Ranch Women’s Club)

Women’s Club Offers Fitness Opportunities

As we embrace a new year, the Scripps Ranch Women’s Club offers opportunities for increased fitness. The accompanying photo shows the Women’s Club members who enjoy walking some of the pathways along Miramar Lake. This group of walkers meets on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings to enjoy each other’s company and exercise at the same time. This is a casual, open meet-up and those who attend will vary from time-to-time, depending on personal schedules. Often afterwards, the walkers gather for coffee at Starbucks to continue their friendship and conversation.

In addition, in January, Women’s Club walkers will head to La Jolla Shores. There, club members will become beachcombers for part of the morning as they appreciate the sounds of the sea washing across the sands. Group members plan to carpool to the beach to make the outing more convenient. Following the walk, the group will lunch in La Jolla.

Scholarship time!
For Scripps Ranch High School senior girls, now is your opportunity to apply for one of our Women’s Club college scholarships. Each year the Women’s Club awards several scholarships to senior female students based on strong academics and community service. This application is on our website srwomensclub.org. All needed information is on this website and the deadline for submission is March 30. If you are a Scripps Ranch high school senior girl, this is a wonderful opportunity not to be missed!

Three February highlights for the Women’s Club bring opportunities for new experiences in 2019. First is a membership brunch to celebrate our new members on Feb. 2. This brunch, held in a club member’s home, features tasty food and drinks.

The second highlight is a Scripps Ranch Library tour on Feb. 7. Club members will learn of the fascinating history of the Scripps and Meanley families, view original artifacts from the Meanley house, and discover our library’s many historic and artistic facets. A lunch at Public House 131 follows this tour.

The third highlight is a theater night on Feb. 8. A pre-theater gathering is at 6 p.m., followed by Scripps Ranch Theatre’s play, “Dancing Lessons,” at 8 p.m.

If you are looking for ways to have a good time, to meet new friends and possibly to give back to your community, Scripps Ranch Women’s Club can help you make those connections! To learn more about joining the Women’s Club, contact Connie Curran at (858) 775-7703 or Denise Hampton, at (858) 361-7118. More information on the Women’s Club can be found at srwomensclub.org.

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