A fun, festive Halloween

Celine Esme Nguyen is ready for Halloween. (photo by Catherine Nguyen)

A fun, festive Halloween

Scripps Ranch residents enjoyed a fun and festive Halloween in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic. Readers sent in these photos of their costumes as they celebrated a safe All Hallows Eve.

The Family of OZ! Catherine, Celine and Michael Nguyen (courtesy of Catherine Nguyen)

Oliver Jude Nguyen is Captain America (photo by Catherine Nguyen)

Sawyer Fiero dressed as Baby Corn on his first Halloween. (photo by Darlene Fiero)

Mother and son – Darlene and Sawyer Fiero – dress as Corn and Baby Corn. (photo by Arturo Fiero)

Chefs EJ, Aaron, and Judah Horton at the French Oven with Chef Yves. (photo by Shannon Horton)

Judah, EJ, and Aaron Horton as a giraffe, Minecraft creeper, and Bumblebee the Transformer. (photo by Shannon Horton)

Oliver Jude Nguyen proudly demonstrates his DIY transforming Bumblebee Transformer halloween costume. (photo by Catherine Nguyen)

11 month old Terence Horton dressed as a pumpkin for his first Halloween. (photo by Shannon Horton)

Scott Gaffney and his son Rocco flex their muscles as Hulk Hogan and Hulk Superhero.

Lyra Meyer still enjoys the beautiful, eerie, masked loneliness of the night. (photo by Nicole Meyer)

Happy Halloween from the Schulze Family – Captain Hook, Wendy, Peter Pan and Tinker Bell. (photo by Heather Schulze)

Ava, Kaylin, and Emily Moritz are full of frights and delights during a fun-filled Halloween. (photo by Rachel Moritz)

Connor Battaglia and Gray Tillett (photo by Trisha Battaglia)

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