Dancer will compete internationally

Brealin Kern will travel to Germany to compete in the World Tap Championship. (courtesy photo)

Dancer will compete internationally

When 10-year-old Brealin Kern goes to Germany this November to compete in an event known as “the Olympics of tap dance,” she will not only be representing San Diego – she will be part of a team representing the entire West Coast.

“When the group went last year, I thought it was an amazing opportunity for those girls,” said Allison, Brealin’s mother. “I never imagined Brealin would get to go.”

“And, here we are,” said 10-year old Brealin, who is a fifth-grade student at Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary School in Scripps Ranch.

Brealin has been dancing since the age of two and can’t wait to travel overseas for the first time. The International Dance Organization (IDO) is sponsoring a World Tap Championship in Riesa, Germany, and Brealin will be one of 79 dancers from 18 states to represent the U.S.

“Most competitions include all dance styles,” Allison said. “Tap, jazz, contemporary. This is just tap.”

Brealin excels in all dance styles, but has an affinity for tap dancing.

“It’s in my soul,” she said. “Tap is rhythm. It’s sound. It’s music.”

“When Brealin first started taking tap, you could just see that she was one of the girls who could pick it up quickly,” Allison said. “She could just hear it or feel the sounds in the taps.”

While technique can take a dancer far, Allison said it takes something special to be a performer, and Brealin has what it takes.

“You have to have that personality that goes along with the choreography,” she said. “Brealin winks and smiles and interacts with the judges. A light bulb just kind of comes on when she’s dancing. She has the personality and confidence that judges are looking for.”

During the eight years Brealin has been dancing, she has been competing for seven years, and has taken home many first-place trophies. A student of SoCal Dance in Poway for the past six years, Brealin has competed in tap and contemporary dance, and has performed in group numbers, duos and solos. She said she feels comfortable on stage and just lets herself get lost in the music and the routine.

“I dance everywhere I go,” Brealin said of dancing beyond the stage. “I dance every day at home. I’m also a swimmer, and at swim meets I’ll be in my swimsuit, goggles and cap, and I’ll be tap dancing before I get into the water.”

Allison confirmed that her daughter’s feet never stop moving.

“She taps everywhere … grocery store, walking down the street, everywhere,” Allison said.

The passion her daughter has for tap dancing and her commitment to the sport is what Allison said has earned Brealin a  place in this upcoming competition.

“They’re looking for personality and sportsmanship,” Allison said, adding that all the U.S. dancers will meet in Boston for a one-night showcase before traveling together as the USA Tap Dance Team to Germany the next day.

“That’s really important when bringing a large group of dancers together who don’t know each other,” she added.

Allison said this competition will give Brealin the opportunity to experience tap dance styles from all over the world and make friends with other “tap artists” from other countries.

“This will be a worldly experience,” Allison said. “And at her  age, it’s phenomenal. I’m super proud of her.”

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