Gardeners take walks among the flowers

Gardeners take walks among the flowers

By Denise Stewart

All those raindrops this winter have provided a bounty of blooms this spring. The Scripps Mesa Garden Club is set to enjoy them as long as they last.

May’s regular meeting took place in a backyard that was bursting with colors and scents from roses, plumeria and a variety of other spring bloomers. Sal and Ivette Castillito’s gardens made for a perfect venue for members to enjoy their monthly gathering. Sal grows flora not only for his own family’s enjoyment, but he also donates generously from his large inventory to the Plumeria Society’s charity for children. Money to support scholarships is raised at plant sales they open to the public.

Another garden tour is scheduled for the June monthly meeting on the 27th.

For more information about the club and to enjoy a collection of photos of wildflowers blooming around our local landscape, check out