Ideas for a sustainable life in 2022

Ideas for a sustainable life in 2022

By Helen Plutner
Sustainable Scripps Ranch

Welcome to 2022. We hope you made it through last year in good health, good spirits, and were able to stay connected.

As a new year begins, it’s a good time to reflect on how we can make positive changes in our lives and help our planet. Please contact us if you need further information or have questions: email or visit

We Americans have a big impact on our earth’s resources. Below are ways to address some of these concerns:

• Check your recycling flyer to make sure you are properly disposing of your items. Remember, no plastic bags or film in the blue bin.

Coming soon will be organic food waste recycling. Due to COVID, it has been pushed back, but it has already been implemented in other parts of the County. If you have a garden, mulch and compost are available to residents at no or small fees. Visit

• Why not try your hand at composting your vegetable food scraps? There are some easy ways just by setting up a bin, mixing green and brown items, watering and turning as needed. The resulting amendment can then be added to your garden. Visit

• Use water harvesting techniques. By allowing the rainwater to sink into your soils, you will make your plants happy, save money and decrease pollution into the storm drains. One technique is to create a swale, which is basically like a riverbed. It impedes the flow of water and allows it to penetrate the soil. There is a free virtual class Feb. 16. Then consider buying rain barrels and greywater
harvesting. H2Ome has valuable information. Visit
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• Upgrade your irrigation system. New devices save water and money. There are many online resources. Grangettos is a good place for advice. Visit

• Take a landscaping class and visit the Water Conservation Garden.  There are many free WaterSmartSD videos online or sign up for virtual classes. Please note that landscaping cloth, although so prevalent, is no longer recommended to control weeds. Visit or or or

• Consider an electric or hybrid vehicle. The Electric Vehicle Consumer Guide provides resources about owning an EV and can help find one that fits your needs. There is information on the benefits and cost savings, available purchase incentives, charging options and a search and comparison tool. Visit

• Are your energy costs going through the roof? Might be time for an energy audit. A place to start:  

• How about Solar? San Diego ranked #2 in the nation’s solar installed cities. Consider a professional energy audit before you install to minimize size and cost. Visit

• Contact your representatives and tell them climate legislation is important to you.