Interest groups, movies, lunches, plays, potlucks

Interest groups, movies, lunches, plays, potlucks

By Denise Stewart 

February’s social calendar for Scripps Ranch Welcome Club members is keeping the local ladies busy having pleasant times together.

While the regular card and Bunco games were played, and trail walking and craft groups had their meetings, a day out for a movie and lunch was followed later in the same week by a potluck and a Scripps Ranch Theatre performance. These events all made February particularly enjoyable. When that fun was over, the club met to have its regular meeting and to have a few laughs at a purse exchange.

Welcome Club is the perfect local social club for women new to the community as well as those who have lived here for a while. It is all about making friends and having good times close to home.

The club meets on the second Monday of each month at 7 p.m. at the Scripps Ranch Community Center.
There is a short business meeting to catch up on all the social events planned for the month. An entertaining activity follows, and a social time with refreshments finishes the evening gathering. 

The Welcome Club has a variety of pleasant events calendared through the summer. Morning Coffees are among the festivities.

You can learn more about the club on its website: There is contact information there and members will be delighted to respond.