Keep summer fun going after dark

With the right lighting tools, your summer adventures can last long after the sun has set. (copyright teerapol24/

Keep summer fun going after dark

(StatePoint) Your outdoor summer fun doesn’t have to stop after sundown.

Whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue, enjoying an evening hike, or simply hanging out with friends and family, these lighting tips from the experts at Energizer can keep summer fun going long after dark.

  • Incorporate flashlights into the fun itself. On your next camping trip, stake out a space for a game of flashlight tag. Bring enough lights so everyone can join in on the fun. Afterward, head back to the campfire and let your flashlight make your scary story that much spookier.
  • You may be closely familiar with every rock and stick in your backyard, but guests probably aren’t. Before your next party or barbecue, illuminate pathways where guests will be moving about. Battery-powered or hardwired options will give guests sure footing throughout your yard.
  • Use the right lighting tools for evening hikes and neighborhood dog walks. A lightweight headlight with pivoting functionality can help you direct light where it’s needed and keep your hands free to clear bramble, get a tighter hold of that leash, or snap a photo of the evening sky. Consider headlights from Energizer, which are water resistant and drop-tested to stand up to tough conditions.
  • Barbecuing? Ensure the grill master has sufficient lighting to do the job safely. Strategically placed lanterns on patio tables and near the grill will ensure the meat is cooked to perfection and guests enjoy a well-lit al fresco dining experience. Consider lanterns which provide 360-degree uniform lighting, such as those from Energizer, which have dimming capabilities, offering you more control of your outdoor lighting scheme.

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