Lemonade stand is a great experience

Julie and Justin Korpan staff their lemonade and cookie stand. (courtesy of Julie Korpan)

Lemonade stand is a great experience

Justin Korpan, with help from his mother, Julie, put together a lemonade stand and sold lemonade and cookies on Sunday, Aug. 6, near their home on Spruce Run Drive. 

Justin is a 7-year-old who enjoys playing baseball and soccer. He will enter second grade at Dingeman Elementary School this year. 

“A few weeks ago, we saw some kids selling lemonade at the top of our street and we stopped,” Julie explained. “After that, he was very curious and asked lots of questions about it. I told him we could do one sometime and he talked about it often.” 

The Korpans’ lemonade stand included cookies and bright signs to attract customers. (courtesy of Julie Korpan)

Believe it or not, this was the first lemonade stand for both. Julie never had the opportunity as a child, so the mother-son business venture was special. Julie baked double chocolate chip and regular chocolate chip cookies most of the morning on Saturday. She said she didn’t want to simply offer lemonade, and it turns out the cookies were a big hit. 

In addition, Julie created some signs to get the attention of potential customers.

“I love doing crafts, so this presented me with an opportunity to get crafty and I got a bit carried away with the signs,” she said. “I got lots of compliments on them, though, so that was nice.”

Justin Korpan holds a sign to attract customers. (courtesy of Julie Korpan)

The two partners opened for business at 11:30 a.m. Sunday in the hot sun.

Justin was pretty nervous getting out there with his sign, but once customers started stopping, talking with the two entrepreneurs and putting money in his jar, he became very excited, Julie said.

“We’re rockin’ it, Mommy!” he exclaimed.

At one point, two convertibles stopped by, one after the other, and the business team served them at their car; curbside-service-style. The two also met some neighbors who live on their street. A few familiar faces came to visit and contributed to their business as well. 

“It was a great experience for both of us,” Julie said. 

The pair put in a good three hours under the summer’s sun, and closed shop at 2:30 p.m. Both were hot and tired by that time, but happy to have enjoyed a good day of business, according to Julie. 

“It was actually a perfect time to do it, too,” Julie explained. Justin had been asking for a “Cars 3” racing track for his die-cast cars, and profits from his lemonade stand made that wish a reality. 

The Korpan family: Julie, Justin and Kyle on vacation in Maui this summer. (courtesy of Julie Korpan)
Justin Korpan enjoys a walk on the beach with his dog, Bleu. (courtesy of Julie Korpan)

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