Student writes a poem of hope

Simran Umatt

Student writes a poem of hope

Simran Umatt, a 9-year-old student who attends Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary School, wrote the poem of hope – below – during this period of social distancing, and she wanted to share it with everyone, according to her mother, Shaili Nanda.

By Simran Umatt

We have hope in our hearts,
Stored inside like treasure

We hope that someday,
We can play with our friends with pleasure

We hope that we can
Hold hands forever and ever

We hope that we can
Have fun and come together!

We hope to dance and dine
With no distance in mind

We hope people will not be fined
In the midst of this time

We hope the feeling of joy will begin once more
And we can soar all the way outdoors!

We hope we can go with groups to ride
And defeat this virus with pride!

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