The courage to change careers

Eric Lefkowitz

The courage to change careers

By Terry L. Wilson

While some may say an entrepreneur is nuts for taking risks, one local businessman has proven he is not afraid to take a leap-of-faith.

“I’ve been in Scripps Ranch for 17-years,” said Eric Lefkowitz, president and CEO of Motto Mortgage Mint. “I recently left a $2-billion company to purchase an up-and-coming mortgage brokerage. Some people I talked to said, ‘you’re crazy because rates are high, and thousands of mortgage brokers across the country are getting laid off.’ … I believed in myself, so I took the risk.”

Confidence in one’s ability to create something out of nothing is part of embracing the entrepreneurial spirit. Sometimes that spirit motivates Lefkowitz to leap where others fear to tread. 

“I have a background that embraces an entrepreneurial environment,” Lefkowitz said. “It got me through college. That was 25-years ago, and it’s been going very well for me ever since.”

To be a successful entrepreneur, an individual must have enough self-confidence to leapfrog from one career to the next, often leaving financial security in the rearview mirror to take a gamble on the future. 

“When it comes to career changes in your life, both big and small, sometimes it can come down to creating more time to spend with family,” Lefkowitz said. “I have three children, all in public school in Scripps Ranch. My wife is a top-producing Realtor, so she and I are partnered with the mortgage company in a way that allows us to service each other’s clients.”

Eric’s wife Emma is a 20-year veteran when it comes to selling homes and has for years been a top 1 percent producer. Together, they are a one-stop shop for someone looking for a new place to hang their hat. When it comes to prepping your home for a sale, these pros have some tips on what to do and what not to do.

“My wife and I talk about this subject all the time,” Eric said. “An inexpensive remodel will generally provide you with more value. … There are other things people do that are a waste of money. Replanting the backyard: bad idea. Putting in a fire pit because they love it: bad idea. Upgraded kitchens: good idea. Granite countertops: good idea.”

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