Ultra Lux gets a makeover

Efren Agustin is an owner and the hands-on operator of Ultra Lux, 10549 Scripps Poway Parkway #D in the Scripps Ranch Marketplace. (photos by John Gregory)

Ultra Lux gets a makeover

Some say customer service is dead, but to Efren Agustin, the new owner-operator of Ultra Lux Salon and Spa, customer service is a priority and he’s determined to bring it back in a big way.

“I come from a customer service background. … We’re definitely incorporating a lot of the feedback the customers have had,” he said.

How have customers responded?  “So far so good,” he stated.

A sparkling chandelier greets customers inside the Ultra Lux entrance.

Ultra Lux, located at 10549 Scripps Poway Parkway #D in the Scripps Ranch Marketplace, has been a standard in Scripps Ranch for more than a decade. Agustin and his family, along with a business partner and family, took over Ultra Lux in July. They spent the first three months learning the business, and Agustin plans more upgrades for the shop at the beginning of 2018, continuing his focus on enhanced customer service and updating the shop.

“We’re working to revamp some things … and make sure we are taking care of the folks coming in,” Agustin said. “There are a lot of regulars … We didn’t want any sort of confusion and we wanted the transition to be as smooth as possible.”

Besides providing excellent service, Agustin said Ultra Lux goals include providing improved quality and becoming a one-stop-shop for the entire family’s personal care and beauty needs. He has added some customer-friendly options.

“We have made some changes to our nail services. You can really mix and match now, where you weren’t able to before,” he said.

Agustin also added a special service for those who have limited time.

“We have an Express Service now for folks who are in a rush or just out on a lunch break. We can get you in and out fairly quickly,” Agustin explained. “And, of course, we still have packages for customers who want to really make it a relaxing hour session.”

Ultra Lux is known for its numerous services for women, such as nail and hair services, and a complete spa offering facials, skin treatments, aromatherapy and massages. But Ultra Lux also offers haircuts for men and boys. As part of its efforts to become a one-stop service for the entire family, Agustin has made upgrades to provide a comfortable environment for males to get their hair cut, so entire families can get their hair needs taken care of all at one time in one place.

“We underserved our mail clientele … So, I’m really excited to have set up a men and boys section to win back some of the family members who may be shying away because they are not comfortable being in a beauty salon.”

An abundance of services is available in the spacious salon.

The Ultra Lux shop is rather spacious, with more than 3,000 square feet, so there is plenty of room for all the services available.

“The shop is split into three segments now,” Agustin explained. “On the left-hand side of the shop where you walk in, which is separate from the rest of the space, there are five seats specifically (for male customers) and we are using that space to provide services to the men and boys of the family. We really are trying to be a one-stop shop. We have the moms, the sisters, the grandmas, the wives, all who come in and are happy with the services that they’re receiving. We’re just saying, ‘Hey, we have part of the family here already. Why not bring the dads, the brothers, the sons, the grandpas, etc., in with the rest of the family?’ We’re just trying to make it a one-stop shop for everybody so that they don’t have to go to multiple places to get services done.”

A men’s haircut, including shampoo, style and the haircut costs $25. It’s $15 for boys.

Customers enjoying nail service can now mix and match.

Agustin spent about 20 years in a customer service career with a corporation and wanted to try his hand at running a small, independent business. He said that he is on-site at Ultra Lux between five to six days a week. Besides learning all aspects of the business, he’s been trying to identify areas needing improvement, and working on these items.

Agustin has two daughters, ages 5 and 9. He said that owning this business gives him a chance to spend more time with his family.

“I’ve always wanted to venture out on my own … work for myself, while at the same time learning something new and exciting and run my own business.” he said. “In this case, we have two families that are pitching in to run it, improve it and hopefully, make it better for everybody.”

Agustin said Ultra Lux is looking for schools or organizations in the community to partner with for fundraising programs and events.

“We definitely want to be more involved in all things that Scripps Ranch has to offer,” he said.


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