Welcome Club survives confinement

Welcome Club survives confinement

While members are not currently meeting face to face, the Scripps Ranch Welcome Club still maintains vibrant connections among its members. Email, Zoom, Facebook and phone calls all help to keep the ladies safely in touch with their friends in the club.

The new membership directory is under construction and it is, once again, full of members who have made Welcome Club an important part of their social life here in Scripps Ranch. They are confident that the enjoyable club activities will begin again as soon as it is safe to do so.

The Morning Book Group continues to meet on Zoom monthly to discuss their reading selection. Lots of catching up on recent highlights of members’ lives goes on then, too.

Very small groups of masked trailwalkers can be seen among the eucalyptus trees some mornings. Of course, they are observing the social distancing rules while they get their exercise and enjoy the outdoors.

The movie going, Bunco playing, coffee klatching and regular club gatherings are on hold until it’s safe to gather indoors again. But innovative ideas for activities that will support a responsible transition back to the traditional club agenda are being presented and discussed by group leaders. All the collaboration is supported by technology until we can meet again. Welcome Club will be ready to supply a broad selection of events when the time is right to enjoy them.

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