Young actor lands TV role

Scripps Ranch actor Parker Dailey plays the 5-year-old version of Sheldon on the TV sitcom “Young Sheldon.” (courtesy photo)

Young actor lands TV role

It’s lights, camera and action for a rising Scripps Ranch actor after landing his first gig on the CBS television series “Young Sheldon.”

Though Parker Dailey is only 5 years old, the young actor already has experience working in this major television network series. The series centers around kid genius Sheldon Cooper and his life as a 9-year-old high schooler. The show is a spinoff of another popular CBS series: “The Big Bang Theory.”

Parker was cast for a two-episode arc in which he played a 5-year-old version of Sheldon.

Mom Tiffany Greenwood said she and husband Shannon Dailey originally hired an agent to get modeling gigs for their son after several people suggested the idea.

“We got an agent and she suggested that he actually get into acting,” Greenwood said. “We weren’t really necessarily looking for (acting jobs), but he’s really personable and not shy at all.”

Greenwood said Parker started acting in small commercials before getting the role in “Young Sheldon.”

Greenwood and her husband, who have lived in Scripps Ranch for 10 years, said they didn’t go to the audition in Los Angeles.

“We actually didn’t go to the audition because it was the first day of school,” Greenwood said.

Instead, they sent the show’s casting directors a homemade audition of Parker.

“I figured it was a long shot,” Greenwood said. “We didn’t watch the show (prior to the audition). He got it anyway.”

“Young Sheldon” star Iain Armitage (left) poses with Parker Dailey. (courtesy photo)

Neither Greenwood nor her husband have worked in the entertainment industry and Greenwood described being on set as surreal.

“It was interesting to see the sets and how they film it,” Greenwood said, adding how proud she was of her son after seeing his performance with the other actors.

“Seeing (Parker) perform and take direction and being very mature and professional was great,” Greenwood said.

As for Parker, Greenwood said he’s really enjoying performing and he has been enrolled in acting classes.

“He loves being on set. He also really likes the auditions,” Greenwood said. “He prefers for us to drive to the auditions, he doesn’t like it when we self-tape.”

The commute from San Diego to Los Angeles, however, has proven a bit of a challenge for the family. Greenwood works part time as a geneticist at UC San Diego and Dailey is a federal law enforcement agent, but they make it work.

“I have a really flexible schedule, so that’s been really helpful,” Greenwood said. “It’s definitely tough.”

Greenwood said her family doesn’t have immediate plans to move to Los Angeles for now, but added that might change if Parker lands a more permanent role in a television series.

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