Youngster creates full newspaper

Kiana Farokhi

Youngster creates full newspaper

Kiana Farokhi, a fourth-grader at Dingeman Elementary School, was looking for something to do one morning recently – so she created a newspaper.

Kiana loves reading and writing, and wants to be an author, according to her mother Ellie Parsayan. She named the newspaper The Creek Drive Newspaper since the family lives on Scripps Creek Drive.

While her publication was created using pencils, pens and crayons, a closer look reveals surprising detail and sophistication on each of its six pages.

“She asked me to give her some paper and said, ‘Mom, I’m going to make a newspaper,’” Parsayan said. “So, that’s what she came up within a couple of hours and I was completely surprised when I saw the different sections that she had put together.”

It includes news about the possible reopening of schools, protest marches, the presidential election and the spread of COVID-19 – complete with charts. It also has a weather forecast, a list of learning resources for students, a list of ways to avoid COVID-19, an impressive advice column, full color comics, quotes from 2020 and a special thanks to healthcare workers.

View her full newspaper at DailyNews_Kiana.pdf.

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